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The 25 years I’ve spent as a Real Estate Agent and Broker have been an exciting adventure. The people who have helped me to perfect my prospecting programs are too numerous to mention, but I do want to thank some of the people who have significantly contributed to my programs (while hopefully not leaving anyone important out):

Theresa Keim, Tim Mahon, Ellie Barrett, Wayne Talaber, Mae Gunn, Judy Mazzeo, Marc Lucarelli, Joe Bartera, Pattie Hartman, Deb Hartman, Bonnie Smith, Kathy Reither Ziegler and many others!

I also want to thank the people who assisted me with editing and compiling all this information:

Betty Broadbent, Amanda Karpeuk, Keri Schlosser.

And, of course, this list wouldn’t be complete without acknowledging some of the greatest real estate trainers in the country. I highly recommend anyone reading this book take the time to learn from each of these highly gifted trainers:

Floyd Wickman –

Joe Stumpf –

Dr. Dick McKenna – Co Creator of the Orbit Program

Ralph Williams – Co Creator of the Orbit Program

Chapter 1: Introduction to Prospecting

In 1990, I stepped off a stage in Philadelphia after receiving an award for being one of the top producing agents in the State. A fellow agent from a competing firm sauntered up to me and snidely asked how I could possibly have sold so much Real Estate. I was 24 years old, but I looked like I was around 15.

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