A Static Dance (A Newt Run Module)

By Chad Inglis

Copyright 2012 Chad Inglis

Smashwords Edition

Her eye is twitching again. She can barely see it, but it's there, a small tic, or spasm in the lower part of her right lid that no one else would even register. She spends a moment looking at it in the mirror, and at the reflection of her round, tanned face and the wavy bob of chestnut hair falling to her jawline. Her dark eyes are utterly without expression.

She shuts off the light and goes back to the living room.

"Eye's twitching again," she says. Ryan looks up from her seat next to the window.

"Means you're in the wrong line of work," she says.

"It's still snowing?"

"Quieted down some."

The girl, whose name is Camelia, sits on the rug in front of the empty fireplace. She stretches her legs out and raises her left arm, tilting her body over her right knee. She holds the stretch for as long as 30 seconds, and then she repeats the motion with the opposite leg. She is dressed in loose pants tied with a drawstring at her waist, and a yellow tank top, with a second, black one underneath that. She isn't wearing any socks, liking the feel of the rug on her bare feet.

"You're not cold?" asks Ryan, watching her. Camelia shrugs.

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