Forward: David Feinstein, Ph.D.

Introduction: Who Do I Think I Am?

Chapter 1: Therapeutic Ritual: When Talk Is Not Enough

Chapter 2: Madness and the Appearance of Madness

Chapter 3: Sexuality: The Double Edged Instinct

Chapter 4: Death: The Final Adventure

Chapter 5: The Second Adolescence: Midlife

Chapter 6: Professionals in Process

Chapter 7: Survivors: Reason to Hope Epilogue:

EPILOGUE: So What Did You Learn In Life, This Time Around?


David Feinstein, Ph.D.

Peg Elliott Mayo was my first clinical supervisor in 1969, and at the time of this writing 44 years later, she remains among the most adept therapists I have had the good fortune to witness (and I have, in my own continued training, had opportunity to observe the best and the brightest; Carl Rogers, Virginia Satir, and Alexander Lowen to name three). Her ability to help people grapple effectively with the challenges of dreadful circumstances, difficult passages, and unfortunate biochemistry is often remarkable. I am not saying her work is magical—she is actually enormously practical and down to earth. What I am suggesting is that her work is profoundly empowering. Her clients often walk away with a new assessment of their circumstances, a cleaner window into their own motivations and possibilities, and an empowering vision of how to move forward.

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