Critical Praise for Lizard Wine

“Lizard Wine is the book your mother warned you about, sleek, nasty, perfectly focused, smart as hell, absolutely convincing, and utterly single-minded. Lizard Wine is the kind of book which enlarges and enriches the genre of the thriller.” –Peter Straub, author of The Throat

“I often stopped with a low mental whistle of awe at her seamless style in presenting her characters. This wasn’t even ‘textbook.’ It was the work of a writer who goes beyond functional mechanics into the realm of creative mastery.” –DarkEcho

“Supertaut storytelling…” –Kirkus Reviews

“. . .will make your skin crawl.” –John Saul, author of The Blackstone Chronicles

“I found it impossible to stop reading this book. . .it was that old urge to stare out the car window as you roll by the grisly accident on the freeway.” –The Honolulu Advertiser

“Deliverance meets Misery. . .” –The Fiction Addiction

“Excruciating suspense!” –Bryce Courtenay, author of The Power of One

“A brilliant, page-turning read.” –Douglas Clegg, author of Nightmare Chronicles

“Don’t read this book alone at night.” –The Eugene Register-Guard

“Its after-effects are potent and lingering.” –Tim Lucas, author of Throat Sprockets

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