“But he can stand up!”

“We’re pretty proud of that. Jason is attached to the chair, but we made the connection in his legs. That allows him to stand up. He cannot move away from the chair though. I guess if we could get the electronics and batteries small enough . . . oh well, we’re doing the best we can. We think we’ve done a pretty good job of it so far. What do you think?”

“Daddy, I’ve always known that you are one of a kind, but this is ridiculous. Are you really happy? I mean really happy?”

“Honey, I was dead, now I’m alive. I could have been paralyzed and had to drag a crippled body around with me and have people feel sorry for me. I know how people feel. I used to turn away from them and wish they would just go away. That’s one of the reasons we made it so I could stand up. It puts people at ease. They can accept that I am in a chair because I just can’t walk. I do miss the smell of the flowers though. But most of all I miss being able to hold you kids and Lori. I’ve never even kissed her, or held her hand. We’re working on a new head with a lot more facial control. I would like to be able to kiss the grandkids. As it is I have feeling in my face. I can feel your kiss and it is very exciting. You have to understand, we have to connect each nerve up individually; it’s a big job. My computer upstairs is connected to me, we’re really one, and it’s really something. There isn’t another one like it in the world, and we’re learning more every day. That’s why we were hoping that Bob would join us. His expertise in microelectronics could be a lot of help. We’d like to be able to package some of the special products for the deaf or blind. They would be expensive but it could be a lot of help. We’re even working on a computer interface and chair controls for the quadriplegic. Imagine being able to make direct connection to their brain. They could just plug into the chair or computer. I know it sure makes life a lot easier for me.”

“Jason, have you thought of helping those who are losing their bodies to say cancer, but their brains are intact. Some of our scientists could extend their useful lives by quite a bit. That brings another question to my mind; do you have any idea how long you will live?”

“Bob, you are getting the idea. To make another Jason, would cost many millions of dollars. I don’t think we’re ready for that yet, but it is definitely on our board. We even thought of having one computer take care of more than one person. There are some real interesting possibilities. As for how long I might live, we don’t know. I am cared for by a computer, it feeds me and keeps my blood clean and at the right temperature. I don’t have high or low blood pressure or diabetes or high or low cholesterol. I don’t have hypertension or over or under active anything. It even supplies all of the hormones I need. Theoretically I could live forever. Then again, I guess if I wasn’t happy, I could die tomorrow.”

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