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My First Ninety Years

Mary Jane Baird

Published by Murder Creek Publishing at Smashwords

Copyright 2010 Mary Jane Baird

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Since writing a short review of Grandpa Keesecker's life (publisher's note "From Kansas Farm Boy to Moderator"), because few of the grandchildren knew him, I thought you should know something about my part. Other than Kristen Land, I really never saw any of my other grandchildren more than once or twice a year. So there is really no reason for them to have known either one of us well.

My life has not been out of the ordinary, but considering my beginnings, it has been truly blessed.

I was born in Kansas City Missouri on October 10th 1919, in a home for out of wedlock mothers, to a woman named Edith Bushman. Three days later, my real mother rode a train from Kingman Kansas and came to this home and chose me. She was able to come and speak to this woman who birthed me, and noticed she was a rather large woman. Rules were different "way back then." Then she rode, by herself, back to Kingman where my father William, was county superintendent of schools. In those days you didn't stop working, except on special days (at least not to stop working to go to Kansas City). Kingman is a small rural town forty-five minutes west of Wichita, and was quite parochial, even when I was a young person living there. It had just 3,200 population. But I was glad I was raised in a small town, for even though you knew almost everyone, you were conscious they were keeping an eye on you. My parents were 45 at the time, and Bruce, my adopted brother, was seven.

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