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Taken For a Mug

By Laura Simms

Taken For a Mug

Laura Simms

Copyright 2012 by Laura Simms

Smashwords Edition

For Sam Ingram

Taken for a mug

Chapter 1 Fair Play

Nick Craven looked up at the perfect night sky and reflected that life couldn’t get any better. The most attractive girl in his school year had agreed to come to the fun fair with him, instead of one of the more popular boys, who’d been sniffing around her for weeks. Nick, not a naturally confident teenager had been admiring Abigail Neilson from a distance ever since she had arrived at school, a few weeks previously. The new school year was barely 3 weeks old. He’d been battling with himself to even approach and talk to her. What if she ignored him or worse still laughed in his face? She was rather posh, would she want someone so obviously common?

Eventually though he had plucked up his courage, egged on by a few of his more supportive mates. He had walked up to her and started to speak, stuttering and stammering over the words. He was beetroot red by the end, sure that he had messed things up. What girl in their right mind would want to go out with a boy who couldn’t even string a sentence together. He’d stared down at his feet, scuffing the edge of his tatty trainers against the tiled school corridor floor, creating a long black mark and an annoying squeaking sound. He had only desisted when Mr Moon, his history teacher had looked his way, giving him a glare to crumble stone.

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