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Roadside Assistance

It was a hot Mississippi day, and I was on my way to New Orleans for the national Sigma Chi fraternity convention.

As I sped down I-55 South in my gray BMW, I glanced at the console to see that it was 105 degrees outside. This wasn’t unusual in this part of the United States at this time of the year.

The sky was a deep blue with a few stray clouds floating above. The tall trees surrounding the four-lane were a blur of vivid green.

When I’d stopped for gas just south of Jackson about half an hour ago, the midday air had been so humid that it made the temperature seem even more oppressive. It was like the entire region was an unbearable steam room. Luckily, I was inside of my awesome new beamer that my dad had bought me back in June. The lavish gift was given to me after I’d pulled a 4.0 last semester and was elected Secretary of my fraternity at Ole Miss.

Needless to say, I loved this car.

Looking at myself in the rearview mirror, I couldn’t help but smile. I was about to start my junior year. I belonged to the best fraternity on campus, Sigma Chi. I had money. Well, actually, my dad had the money. Fortunately, he was very generous with the frequent deposits that he made to my bank account. I wore the best clothes. I was lean and in good shape.

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