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A Note to the Reader

If you’re reading this and you haven’t read Captive in the Dark, turn back! You’ll be lost.

For the rest of you: Hello again, I’m glad you decided to continue this journey with me. As of January, 2013, Captive in the Dark has sold over 70,000 copies. That’s incredible! It’s a goal I never thought I would reach, and honestly, I’ve been humbled by all of you.

You’ve made my dream come true.

I have faced adversity. I have had my share of rejection and heartbreak. I won’t say it’s all been worth it; there are some things I would give anything to undo. However, looking forward, I can honestly tell you: I have never had more hope.

Thank you.

I am thankful to all those who said ‘No’ to me. It’s because of them, I did it myself.”

Albert Einstein

This book is dedicated to:

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