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The Infirmary

A cool breeze crawled down the empty corridor, causing the cobweb covered light bulbs to sway. Eerie shadows danced in the little light that the broken windows allowed to leak inside the building. As Sarah made her way to the infirmary she felt fear and hope intertwine as one emotion, a nervous freedom swelled within her. She couldn’t recall actually being loose in the hospital, the corridors seemed so vacant and the silence was bitter. Sarah had a destination; she only hoped she had the courage to make it there.

It was summer; Sarah could feel the warmth and taste the sting of freshly cut grass. Salty sweat gathered along her brow, upper lip and her face felt flushed. Temptation to peek through a broken pane and see the sun for the first time in what seemed to be ages overwhelmed her fragile form but Sarah knew if she looked she'd loose her last ounce of sanity which she was so desperately clinging to. Even now she knew her mind teetered precariously on the brink of a full fledged mental breakdown at the mere thought of seeing real sunlight, slide grass through her hands, smell a flower, all for the first time in years. No. Sarah knew she had to keep it together. Sometimes all a person has left is their sanity, a retreat of the mind; Sarah remembered a fellow patient reciting long ago and she lived by it daily.

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