Fucked By The Tentacle Demon

Book One of the Adams Family Erotic Adventures

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2012 by Scott Masters

All that Stacey Adams ever wanted was breasts, really really large breasts. Ever since she could remember, even before reaching puberty she was fascinated with that unique feminine feature. With fondness she remembered her formative years: her eagerness every Sunday morning, the first one up and ready. Her enthusiasm, though perplexing, was nonetheless pleasing to her parents. If only they knew the real reason, she often smiled to herself. The mega church was attended by at least 1000 to 1500 parishioners, and accorded her the opportunity to survey and stare at all the wondrous bosoms. The swellings, the size, the shape, how even hidden under conservative attire it accentuated and highlighted the feminity of the lucky bearer. A few months after her first period, she discovered her brother not-so-secret stash of porn magazines. Her brother’s – and soon hers too - favorites was Score and Bachelor. The fascination turned to obsession. The most beautiful of breasts was large breasts. The very idea stoked her waking curiosity and burnished her nocturnal fantasies. To her parent’s horror instead of the regular poster of boy bands and surf jockeys that adorned the walls of girls her age, she decorated her room with posters from Baywatch and beer calendars. Apart from the teddy bears and pink accessories a visitor would be fooled thinking that they had entered her brother’s room instead. Her devout parents was on the precipice, their young daughter turning into a dyke. It didn’t help when she was often caught staring at her Math teacher’s chest. A big women she easily displayed the largest tits in the whole school. Only after multiple visits with the school counselor and strained pleadings did she managed to convince them she like kissing boys and boys only.

As her teenage years went by, one by one, her close friends started growing the hefty sets that she so desperately desired. To her grim dismay her own chest refused to grow. At 14 she sported an A cup and at 19 AA’s.

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