“oh, isn't he just so hot?” Cassia asked me as we stood by our lockers, she was looking at the oh-so wonderful Jason Robertson, he was the most popular boy in our year, everyone liked him and he had all the girls, even the ones in other years, wrapped around his little finger, he was captain of the football team and he was armed with his charm and good-looks. Of course everyone fancied him, I mean why wouldn't they, he was incredibly good looking. I, however, knew him better than that, I knew that underneath the dirty blonde hair and the emerald green eyes, he was just a jerk...

“Pixie?...are you even listening to me?” Cassia rudely interrupted my thoughts “look I know you don't like him and all but the least you could do is listen when I'm talking to you, is that really too much to ask?”

“I'm sorry Cas, I was in a world of my own” I replied, knowing she would be upset, Cassia was the type of person who always got what she wanted, her parents were filthy rich and she had learned that she could get anything she wanted whenever she wanted it, but that didn't make her a bad friend, she was always there for me, and I knew that after about two minutes she would forget I wasn't listening to her and be telling me all the gossip of today.

“Your always in a world of your own Pixie Bleak, c'mon were gonna be late for maths and Mr. Johnson hates me already” Cassia continued, walking down the hall, she didn't even to turn to see if I'd be following, of course I would, she was my best friend.

As we filed into maths Cassia told me about how a year 7 had fallen over in assembly infront of the whole year, how a year 10 had been arrested for selling drugs to one of the year 8's and how there was a new boy in our year who was apparently not only cute, but very mysterious. I knew the new boy wouldn't be anything special, he would either be a geek or a player. Cassia headed straight for the back, and I followed, we sat in the same sort of place for all of our classes, as far towards the back as we could get and away from any losers.

“Good morning class, I trust you have all finished your algebra assignments?” Mr. Johnson called out as he entered the class room. He looked around at all the students shocked faces, none of them would have finished it, except me.

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