When Good Bigfoot Go Bad: The California Files

By Preston Dennett

While Bigfoot has been reported across the entire world, California contains what appears to be the world’s highest population concentration of the creature. Writes leading cryptozoologist Loren Coleman, “It has been estimated that the population of Bigfoot in the Pacific Northwest is between two thousand and four thousand individuals, with the greatest concentration around Bluff Creek, California…Bluff Creek is the Mecca of the Bigfoot field.” Coleman has compiled a list of the top twenty Bigfoot hotspots in the world, and Bluff Creek heads the list. Not surprisingly two other places in California (Willow Creek and the Antelope Valley area) are also on Coleman’s top twenty list of Bigfoot hotspots. For whatever reason, California is hopping with Bigfoot.

Literally hundreds of cases come from virtually all corners of the state. Reports of the hirsute beast reach back almost two centuries and continue to the present day. There is surprisingly strong evidence supporting the reality of Bigfoot including movie films, photos, audio tapes, footprints, body-prints, hair samples, dung samples, animal reaction cases, and of course the thousands of eye-witnesses, many of high integrity.

By far the most common type of California Bigfoot encounter is seeing a 7 to 12 foot-tall hairy biped traverse the highway late at night. Most other encounters are even more brief, usually involving the sighting of large footprints, smelling the foul odor of a Bigfoot or hearing its howl. It is very rare that a Bigfoot actually interacts with a witness. And in those cases where there is interaction, it is usually limited to both parties stumbling upon each other in surprise and then bounding away in terror.

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