Keeping an Eye Out for the ETs

By Preston Dennett

ETs know a great deal about the human body. This assertion is evidenced by the thousands of cases in which people have undergone extensive physiological examinations onboard UFOs. In fact, according to Thomas Bullard’s 1987 landmark statistical study of 309 abduction cases, the single most common onboard UFO experience involves a physiological examination. Some other procedures, however, are almost never reported.

The ETs’ vast knowledge of the human body is beautifully exemplified by an extremely rare type of onboard UFO experience. This unique onboard event has occurred often enough that the details vary little from case to case. And yet, it is rare enough that many people have never heard of it. This may be because it is also one of the scariest and most bizarre of all reported onboard UFO experiences.

This particular onboard UFO event involves the removal of human eyeballs from the heads of UFO abductees. As strange as this sounds, there are now a growing number of cases in which abductees report being taken onboard a UFO and having their eyeballs physically removed from their eye sockets! It may sound like science fiction or even horror, but the truth of these cases can no longer be denied.

Betty Andreasson

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