Breeding my Reluctant Step Daughter

Copyright 2012 By JB Richards

Smashwords Edition

Jeff said nothing the entire time he was in the police station. He filled out the paperwork in strained silence, the scratching of his pen the only sound aside from a few snuffles out of Tessa. She stood off to one side, eyes downcast, not willing to speak. That’s for the best, Jeff thought as he finished filling out the paperwork for her release. I wouldn’t know what to say anyway. Six hour drive down, and a six hour drive back.

He nodded to the officer behind the desk, who gave him a thin and forced smile, then headed for the door and out into the night air. He didn’t wait to see if Tessa followed him. He wasn’t really sure how to start that conversation quite yet. Truth be told, he’d hardly spoken to his step daughter even when she lived under his roof, and that had been four years ago. She was twenty two, now, long since moved out and out of his life - or so he thought.

The car chirped as he unlocked it with the fob, and with a weary sigh, he slid into the driver’s seat. Tessa crawled in beside him, shoulders slumped and never taking her eyes off of the floor mat. Jeff rubbed at his face with one calloused hand, then jammed the key into the ignition. The car roared to life. He blinked at the clock on the stereo. Not quite midnight. Should he try to drive the six hours back home, or get a motel for the night? His gaze fell on Tessa. The drive would be awkward enough as is. Having to get a room with her for the night might be more than he could handle. Home it is, then, he thought, putting the car in drive.

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