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The Grace of God and the Wrath of God:
Interviews With Steve McVey

Copyright 2015 Grace Communion International
Minor edits 2016

Published by Grace Communion International

Table of Contents

The Grace Walk

We Will Never Overestimate God’s Grace

The Father Gets a Bad Rap

What Is God’s Wrath?

The Grace Walk Revisited

About the Publisher

Grace Communion Seminary

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This is a transcript of interviews conducted as part of the You’re Included series, sponsored by Grace Communion International. We have more than 120 interviews available. You may watch them or download video or audio at

When people speak, thoughts are not always put into well-formed sentences, and sometimes thoughts are not completed. In these transcripts, we have removed occasional words that did not seem to contribute any meaning to the sentence. In some cases we could not figure out what word was intended. We apologize for any transcription errors, and if you notice any, we welcome your assistance.

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