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CHAPTER 1: The Silver Ones

The life-changing day I’d been dreading finally arrived. I’d hoped they may have had a change of heart before now. After all, it was in their power to reconsider such a thoughtless decision. If it had been possible, I would have got down on my bended knees and pleaded with them. ‘Don’t do this to me, please. Don’t.’

But I don’t have any knees.

They caught me entirely by surprise. No telltale signs, no convoluted clues, no tantalising giveaways. An ‘on the spur of the moment’ conclusion reached over breakfast one sultry Saturday morning was all it took to seal my fate. Since finding out, my sleep had been tortured by a dark and menacing presence that wouldn’t leave it in peace. To think the final curtain was coming down on a performance that had amused, entertained, frustrated, and delighted its actors in equal measures for the best part of thirty years. I shivered as my imagination toyed with the uncertain future they were pushing me into.

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