Monkeys and Political Leaders – The Seven Rules to Every Human-Simian Society

Kenneth R. Szulczyk

Monkeys and Political Leaders – The Seven Rules to Every Human-Simian Society

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Smashwords Edition 1.0, September 2012

I packed my suitcases and moved to northern Malaysia to escape the cruel, fruitless U.S. job market in 2012. I began teaching at a university that is literally located in the middle of a lush jungle, teeming with life. The campus sits in an elongated valley between two tall hills, and my house is perched atop of one of the hills overlooking the campus. My neighborhood is 10 bungalows connected by a winding tarmac road with dark, dense forests, bordering all sides.

The wild life often slithers out of the forest and crosses the front and back yards of my house. The jungles are full of a great variety of snakes, birds, and lizards. Unfortunately, the tiny geckos invaded my house, while a large two-foot monitor scavenges for food in the backyard. Occasionally, as the sun sets, I glimpse from a window at a dark heavy boar that grazes off the grass near the fence in the backyard. I heard the jungle is filled with red and black scorpions, but I have not seen them yet. However, the monsoon rains that begin in October will drive them to seek shelter in the cool, dry house.

Most days the jungle is quiet. In the morning, the magpies, flycatchers, and swallows chirp and whistle a cacophonous chorus, while another unidentified bird emits elongated whooping sounds. Then as dusk approaches, the small Gecko lizards that infested the house chirp. They come out at night to eat the various insects that flew or crawled into the house. They remain hidden behind the curtains and light fixtures. Their constant chirping alerts their presence, while their excrement litters the floors near the walls. Unfortunately, they never defecate in the same spot, spreading their wastes evenly around the house.

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