False Prophecies and Inaccurate Revelations

Twisting and Distorting Scripture

Other Serious Problems





I have made it a habit lately to examine books from people claiming they have visited heaven or hell, often with instructions from God to bring us new revelations. I purchased Revealing Heaven An Eyewitness Account I and II from a book website after my wife saw Kat Kerr on television alleging to have gone to heaven and told me about it. As is the case with every supposed vision to heaven I have ever read outside of the Bible, it wasn't long before I discovered evidence that Kerr's claims cannot be true and that her books are full of erroneous teaching that contradicts the Bible. I then felt the need to write this rebuttal from a Christian perspective to expose the problems with her books.

This rebuttal is about the claims of Kat Kerr's supposed visits to heaven and other spiritual experiences along with the false theological doctrines that she is proclaiming to the world as truth. Any vision, revelation or prophecy should always be examined in light of God's revealed word and not simply taken as fact because somebody claims it is so. We need to search the Scriptures diligently to see if what is being said is factual (Acts 17:11). Because of this, we will go through the various claims and teachings in the book and show through Scripture how they simply cannot be true.

It is my prayer and my hope that those who have read this book will realize that all we can know about heaven has already been revealed in the Scriptures. Most of the stories I have read out there about people who claim to have been to heaven or hell are merely dreams, exaggerations, fabrications, and/or delusions.

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