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Based on a cutting edge approach from teen therapist, Marti Woodward, and teacher, Molly Wingate, Slow Parenting Teens shifts the focus of parenting from teenagers’ behavior to the relationship between parents and teens. Using commonsense psychology, the authors provide real-life examples of fast and slow parenting.


“As a therapist, I am thrilled to find a parenting book that focuses on how parents make decisions instead of on teenagers’ behavior. Slow Parenting Teens has a formula for creating long-lasting, positive change in the relationship between parents and their teenagers.”

–Fred Dearborn, MA

Licensed Professional Counselor

“This cutting-edge approach has become central for me as the father of a new teen. With their spot-on knowledge and step-wise advice, Molly and Marti make me a better parent every time I practice slow parenting. Their five simple attitudes help me maintain the relationship I want with my son, and I share the ideas in Slow Parenting Teens with other fathers and mothers at every opportunity. I’m grateful for this book daily as I hang out with my son. Rock on!”

–Doug Gertner, Ph.D.

The Grateful Dad

Host of The Grateful Dad Radio Hour on

“Simple, yet conceptual and practical, Slow Parenting Teens is a book designed to drive action. In that sense, it’s a must-read for all parents and caregivers. This distillation of practical ideas, insights, and activities is designed to grow great teenagers and help parents nurture enjoyable relationships with their children.”

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