Baldwin’s Bazaar of Curious Creatures

S.E. Batt

Copyright 2012 by S.E. Batt

Smashwords Edition

Baldwin rubbed his eyes, the sleepiness still hanging in his head. Today felt like it was to be just another ordinary day for Baldwin, which meant that it was going to be unforgettable for everyone within a mile radius of him.

He looked around his museum. It was a strange sight, given how everything that built up to this moment in life clearly stated that this whole idea should have died in the gutter a long time ago. Despite that, he had managed to convert a store front into this humble homage to all that was weird and wonderful; mounted heads of a wide variety of strange beasts hung around the walls, each of them stating a name (if known), race, and the name of who managed to fell the foul beast. Each and every one of them was credited to Baldwin.

Some of the curiosities that Baldwin hunted, however, took a more humanoid form than the various hellhounds, demonspawn and other nasties he faced. With both a shred of decency and a weak stomach, these were instead put into large cases around the room, the ice keeping them in perfect stasis lightly frosting the reinforced glass. Baldwin always promised himself that one day, he'll deliver these specific specimens back to where they came from.

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