Though there was a great amount of commotion, screams of pain and panic, and commands for help, sutures, and anesthetic as well as medical and legal updates. Evan barely noticed any of it. He barely even noticed that his wrist had the uncomfortable bracelet provided by the officer; if Evan wanted to go anywhere, he would have to take the bed with him. It wasn’t the handcuff on his wrist that held his attention; it was the blood that stained his clothes keeping his attention.

When he was first brought in Evan was allowed a moment to wash, but he could barely move. His hands still had blood on them, though they had some of it cleaned off. His shirt, pants and shoes were covered with blood that had begun to dry in the fabric. Fortunately for Evan, the blood was not his; unfortunately for Evan, the blood belonged to Jimmy Marcus. Jimmy Marcus is, rather was, Evan’s long-time friend.

The moments that Evan could coalesce into a clear image were the events leading up to what happened. He had attended so many protests, and they never had any issue.

What had gone so wrong at this protest?

Were businesses getting sweet deals from the government, leaving the people to pay and suffer?—yes.

That is what the occupy protest was for. Well, not all the protestors were for that, but at least the ones Evan was with… for the most part. Even Jimmy wasn’t totally in league with Evan, but was in agreement in protesting the businesses… for the most part.

Were there ‘peace’ officers dressed in riot gear?—yes.

They generally have always dressed as such, but most of the time the worst one was just using Pepper spray.

Were there businesses present that could be blocked, and those evil rich be prevented from exploiting the masses?—yes.

But, they just argued and didn’t do more than that.

Was the group of protesters there to be non-violent?—yes. Most of the people with Evan were just there to protest, not to do anything else. Jimmy on the other hand, decided that the ante needed to be upped. There were a couple others who were thinking that protesting wasn’t enough; they were only a few of the hundreds that were protesting outside the jewelry store.

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