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Next to the jeweler was a point of contention amongst the protesters: Albatros Industries. To Evan, they were a greedy profiteer in bed with the government; to others, Albatros Industries was a noble group helping people, owned by the Trajan family. Unwin Trajan is a champion of social justice, and is in charge of the hospital.

The heat of the day and the crowds spurred the more hostile elements in the protesters; collectives can smolder, becoming self-igniting. In an otherwise already agitated group, the excessive ones were like a virus spreading their agitation. Jimmy, a little more prone to such a sway raised the level and got a couple more to follow him.

Or, was it that he was pressed upon to heighten the conflict?


Evan was uncertain.

At first, the escalation was just throwing some eggs, then empty bottles, but then it became bricks. One of the bricks broke a window of the jewelry store. Large shards of glass flew about and one piece cut one of the shopkeeper's wife's legs. With the broken glass and those who threw it trying to rouse those behind them to storm the shop, the shopkeeper became even more agitated; both fear and anger coursed through his veins. One of the main agitators who broke the window rushed through the broken plane, ready to heave another brick. The shopkeeper raised a shotgun and first fired a warning shot. The agitator’s friend threw his brick, striking the shopkeeper in the shoulder and staggering him. The first protester and shopkeeper fought as the agitator tried to take the gun. The shotgun was dropped in the scuffle and the weapon went off, wounding the wife's arm.

Jimmy picked up the shotgun.

The police were in full rush after the sound of the first shotgun blast, but still had masses to filter through; some of whom were trying to flee when they heard the shots. In their full riot gear, the police rushed in beating and tossing out of the way whoever remained in their way, or didn't move out of the way fast enough. Jimmy was with the agitators who were screaming at the shopkeeper, who was shouting back. The shopkeeper was now trying to wrestle the shotgun away from Jimmy. Evan had Jimmy’s back, but tried to deescalate the situation, and calm everyone down. The police came in and saw the men fighting with a shotgun.

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