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After All The Falsehoods: The Enemy, Death Worship, Psychotechnology, and Philosophical Self-Defence

By Sulma N. Portillo

August 31, 2012

First Edition. Electronic format.

Copyright 2012 Sulma Noemi Portillo-Martinez

Published by Sulma Noemi Portillo at Smashwords

Traditional Copyright. All rights reserved.

Smashwords Edition, License Notes:

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About the Book

This philosophical and political book is for you, if you have ever looked at the internet, and asked, "What is going on?!" Lucidly yet philosophically, this book reveals the most horrific and hidden conspiracy in the universe, exposes the nature of thought crime, and discusses how to defend the earthly human capacity for philosophical wisdom, in an age of death worship psychotechnology. Tragedy invites tyranny. To prevent tyranny, humans must be responsible for their own ethical character development, learn to live in service to the highest of ideals, and help each other to remove their various ethical disorders. The enemy seeks to keep the human condition in a state of moral dysfunction because human moral dysfunction allows the enemy to get away with the truest of thought crimes, of violating human free will, by exploiting the human soul and mind.

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