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Janine had come to Davidson, Saskatchewan with her college roommate. Diane was from this sleepy little town, she grew up playing in the fields playing with the cattle and riding horses. Janine had grown up in the heart of Saskatoon, nowhere near horses, cattle, or any fields of any kind. There was something about this small town that made her feel like she was home, she didn’t know if it was Diane’s parents treating her like she was family, or what it was, but she would soon find out.

They had arrived at the farm on Sunday; relaxing all day before starting work on Monday. Monday morning came and Diane was up with the first crow of the rooster. Janine was still asleep when Diane went down to breakfast; Janine awoke to the smell of bacon cooking in the kitchen. Looked at the clock, and realized it was 6:15. She jumped out of bed; she couldn't believe she had over slept. Running down stairs, she sat to the table and apologized to the family.

After breakfast Diane looked at Janine, and smiled: “today we will start off small; just the chickens, and feeding the cows.”

“That’s starting off easy?” said Janine smiling back at Diane. Both laughing they headed for the first chicken coop.

Diane quickly went to work checking for eggs, explaining to Janine that all the chickens in this coop and on this side of the fence laid industry eggs; the other was for live eggs. Both girls went to work gathering the eggs, changing their nesting, and feeding them.

Janine looked at Diane asking her “why don’t you have a modernized chicken coop, you wouldn’t have to gather eggs if you did”

Diane just replied: that this was the way her family had been doing it for years, and they didn’t have enough chickens for that, they only needed a few dozen a week to sell, and the rest they ate themselves. We primarily farm milk and produce the eggs were just for us. We do sell the chicks sometimes, but it depends on the markets.

“Oh” Janine said smiling pretending she understood what Diane had just said.

The girls moved on to the barn, as they got close, Janine asked Diane what they would be doing once inside.

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