Madgo on His Exit

Convicted and Tried


Loss of a Part; Ascension to Eternity

Mourning the Loss; Celebrating the Lost


To Venture Forth

1 Arenos strode through the halls of his father’s castle. As he walked, he smiled at each person he saw, giving them a slight nod of his head. His amicable personality was matched in every way by the pleasantness and beauty of his features. His eyes shone brightly, revealing his perspicacious nature along with an earnest frankness and inquisitiveness in both professional and personal matters. His mouth was formed evenly and always had the presence of some form of a smile. His brow which added to the joviality of his smile, only knitted in the moments of consternation, which were brief, and then returned to his normal state.

He had no blemishes, scars or other marks, and was well-tanned as one who loves to implement what had been learned in the class out-of-doors, whether through testing the physical properties, or seeking others to ponder and discuss the metaphysical. His hair was parted, perfectly centered, with his wavy locks framing his handsome face, draping on his neck and shoulders as a cloak. His beard was well trimmed and did not hide his glowing smile. The fabric of his gold-trimmed purple robe was light and smooth and wrapped about his tall, athletic body; he was 30-years-old.

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