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Dr Vadim Chelom

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2012 Vadim Chelom

Dear Reader:

All the characters in this book are fictional. Yes, you heard that right. Just because you know me, have worked with me at an Animal Shelter and have found a character in this book that looks and acts exactly like you doesn't mean hat this character is based on you. So don't go suing me for part of my royalties.

Even if you do, don't expect to get anything because as the title suggests, I am only a Veterinarian. And as everybody knows, veterinarians are the highest educated, lowest paid professionals in the Western world.

So why don't you save yourself time and money and just enjoy the book. It will be netter for both of us.

Copyright Notice:

Dear Reader,

Please don't pirate this book. If you choose to copy and distribute this book without permission in any form - digital and otherwise, then in addition to breaking countless national and international copyright laws you will also be earning bad karma. And you don't want to know what bad things that will do to you.

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Chapter 1

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