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The Plane of Dreams

William L. Hahn


In the southern empire of Argens just roiled by the rebellion of Yula, a band of adventurers returns from the Shimmering Mindsea bearing enormous treasure and minus one of its members. The Tributarians, unaware of the growing threat to the waking world, embark on separate plans. But the spirit of the hero lives on in all of them, as their good deeds have consequences beyond their original intention. Will it be enough to avert the peril they have unwittingly brought about?

This first novel-length tale set in the Lands of Hope features a complex world and intelligent, dedicated characters whose actions entwine over distances and beyond their own comprehension. Like any world worth living in, the Lands have humor, mystery, horror and action to delight and entertain the reader.


Copyright 2012 William L. Hahn, Smashwords Edition


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Dedicated, with the greatest respect,

To the story’s real authors, who lived it, namely:

Katherine Bowers-Weist, Virginia Earl-Soybel, Sarah Frantz, Mitch Katz, David Miller, Steve Robinson, Thomas Soybel, Claudia Volano, Clark Wagner, Fraser Weist, Kevin Weist, Madison Weist

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