The Werewolf that Breeded Me

By Keather Anthony

Copyright 2012. All rights reserved.

Published on Smashwords.

The world as it was turned its head for me every day as I came home from school. The reason was is that where I come from, females are a rarity. My name is Jillian Stacey and I lived in Elfin Cove, a town in southeastern Alaska. It was prone to the cold, and I would wear enough clothes to only keep me warm enough for the walk to, and from home for school. Heading out to the town plaza to see a movie or eat with my classmates was one of the few pastimes that were actually available.

Today was the last day before the fall break started and we had a new transfer student come into school. His name was Harry Wilson, big guy and he carried a lot of bags with him, notably it looked like he was just carrying clothes. I was curious and asked him before our lunch period started.

Why do you carry so much clothing with you?” I said, in a questioning manner.

He did not respond to me, but he showed me what he carried with him in one of the bags. It was actually clothing like I had guessed earlier. After that he has not even glared or showed an emotion of response towards me. Until the end of the day, he started to talk to me as I was about to walk home.

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