The students will understand the historical implications of the time in which Lord of the Flies was written: 1954.

Students will understand how the concept of Lord of the Flies is contrary to the “squeaky clean” facade of the 1950s, which led to the book's lack of acceptance.

Notes on this Lesson

This is an introductory lesson to the novel. It is designed to be taught before students have read the novel. It focuses on the contextual factors surrounding the novel, such as the author's life and the time period in which the novel was written and set.

Assignments are broken up by chapter rather than page number to facilitate the use of different publisher copies of the novel.

This novel references the common core standards, but certainly one could choose to adapt the references to standards to any set that is used by your district or educational body.

Materials Needed:

    • Copies of the novel for each student.

    • If at all possible, have the room arranged in a way that facilitates discussion, such as a circle.

  • A biography of William Golding. This can be distributed in a variety of ways. Suggestions:

    • The novel may include a biography of the author.

    • Distribute individual copies of the biography.

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