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Tickled ‘Til She Pees 2: Her Little Girl

Sofia Bane

Copyright September 2012, Sofia Bane

Smashwords Edition

I’m so glad that you and Alice have gotten along so well, Riley,” my mother sparkled at me as she put in her earrings.

Me too.” Alice was my au pair, hired to keep me company as my mother was off to diplomatic work in France. I didn’t speak French and my mom didn’t want me to be all alone anyway. What I would never tell my mother, though, was that Alice and I were only getting along by virtue of a mutual interest in ageplay. Sometimes it felt good to be a little girl again. And sometimes it felt even better to be a brat. Like, it turned out, I was going to be today.

When my mother left, Alice collected me from my suite to go out to breakfast. She hadn’t dressed me herself this morning, and she let me order a crepe instead of oatmeal, so I thought she might be treating me like an adult today. Which, I’m twenty-one, so I should be treated like an adult, but that honestly sounded like no fun at all.

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