Right Round

By Finn Herloce

A Smashwords Edition

Copyright © Finn Herloce 2010

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He could still see the little white card, lying in her pale fist. The phone number was nearly illegible through the blood. Red blots. Red streaks everywhere. It seemed too bright to be real. Too much, this was too much. Her round face, once so full of life, now drained from every emotion. Her soft brown eyes staring in the distance, but they would never see again. Her black hair that always shined in the light now was a dull grey tangled mess. H could do nothing but sit here, next to her cold body, tears streaming down his face, mixing with the blood, and hold her lifeless hand in his. ‘My Mina, my poor Mina, how did this happen? How could this happen?’ He whispered over and over again. He even kept whispering as the cops drove him to the station.

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