Almost four years have now passed. The war is getting more and more violent by the day - there are forty two recorded casualties per day and rising for the rabbits. Things are looking grim, as there is no end to the fighting in sight. Dwayne Fluffytail is a rabbit in his mid-fifties, small and slightly old fashioned looking, even maybe a bit beyond his years. His attire of preference is a simple, nice darker colored fur-coat, and sometimes even a very dashing top-hat. Dwayne suffered major trauma in a very fierce battle against the potatoes, and is now in a state of economical depression. Behind every great rabbit is his spouse, and Edith Fluffytail fills that role. She is a kind, gentle creature who would not be able to do so much as mash a carrot. Dwayne believes she looks simply beautiful in her almost golden (yet fading, slowly, with time) fur. Dwayne and Edith are seen as heroes and the kindest, most gentle rabbits in all of the Rabbit Hole, despite their problems, which are unfortunately plentiful. For example, did you know that, because of an unfortunate side-effect of headache medicine, Edith is unable to become pregnant?

“Dwayne, oh Dwayne! Get off the couch for gods sake, Dwayne! You’ve got to do the farming!” Edith hollered at him. “Would you like me to do it, Dwayne?”

“No, no, darling... I’m up, I’m getting up! I was just watching the -”

“The Office?” Edith interrupted.

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