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Let’s face it, the term “self-help” is redundant. I think the “self-help” section of a bookstore should just be a row of full-length mirrors! The fact is, since we create our problems, we must also create our solutions. We are all connected, so even though I appear to be a separate being, I must also be a part of your self. And I love us for that! We all can learn from each other, and ultimately we learn from ourselves. Whether it is through another person or through our own insight, it’s all shared. All knowledge is shared.

My hope is that you recognize the gift of your existence here and laugh at your mind’s creation of the confusion. In clarity, nothing is needed…not even this book. In the meantime, may the words be here for you and for the love that has brought you into existence.

The title “A Little Infinity” came from the fact that within each microcosm exists the macrocosm and vice versa. So that one example leads to many. Each line in this book, I hope, is like a piece of delicious chocolate melting in the minds mouth- allowing it to penetrate your sense of truth- awakening you to that which you already have and are.

I love you.

Todd Simon

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