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6. One child missing 21

7. Silence before the storm 27

8. The Doctor’s theory 35

9. Nightmare 40

10. In the dark 44

11. What’s in a name 52

12. Reversion 60


1. To be or not to be

“Don’t run up and down the isles like that!’ the father said to his daughter. He took her by the hand and continued shopping for groceries. “There are other people doing their shopping here.” the father said to teach the child good manners.

As he took the little girl along down the isle they passed a woman who had just come in the store too.

“But she is not a person. She’s not a person!” the child yelled as she pointed furiously at the unknown woman. They looked each other straight in the eyes, but the child did not realise what it had just done.

The woman looked around anxiously after the child’s shouting spree. “How does she know? Is it that obvious?” the woman thought to herself. “Don’t I look human?”

Quickly the woman finished her shopping and left the shop.

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