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Remastered Classics

REMASTERING is a term usually used in the music and film industries, through which beloved movies and music get cleaned up, streamlined, and enhanced so they can be accessed by a new generation. Similarly, at Remastered Classics, we’re excited about bringing the best of classic literature into the hands of modern readers. The classic novels have some of the greatest characters and story lines ever created. Yet, many modern readers struggle with dated vocabulary, long narrative descriptions, and slow build-ups.

Remastered Classics are the classic tales with modern editing techniques applied: the characters and story lines are preserved, outdated vocabulary and concepts are either updated or explained, and lengthy narration and descriptions may be trimmed or turned into live action or dialogue. The Remastered editions are not meant to replace the original stories, but are meant to serve as a bridge, introducing a new generation of readers to the greatness of these works.

We look forward to your getting hooked on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Mark Twain, Alexandre Dumas and so many more.  Please share with us your reading experience and let us know which classics you would like to see remastered in the near future.

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