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Aaron Dennis

Copyright 2012 by Aaron Dennis

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From time immemorial those who obtained power were the ones to rule. The remainder fell in line or simply fell. A long war had razed the land of Ilteriel, but the people were strong, the soldiers resilient, and the king cunning. It was said that King Eidon had secured the favor of the Gods; there was, after all, no other way for him to know the plans of attack employed by the barbarians of the west, the Medsai of the forested regions.

After a two year war, the Medsai were reduced to a mere shadow of their former numbers and Ilteriel began a diligent rebuilding. The Medsai were thought to be the only threat left on the continent of Roth and since they were defeated, King Eidon set his sights on more power. Little did he know other forces conspired.

His most trusted wizard, and head of the Council of Five, Lothaam informed his lord that an island had been discovered far to the south, farther than anyone had dared explore. The wizard’s magic bestowed visions of a force worth coveting. Those words were enough for the king to send a handful of men to investigate. New lands meant new resources, perhaps new allies, perhaps new enemies, and the most intriguing possibility, more power.

Warm Winds

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