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The Prooth

W Bradley

Copyright 2012 by W Bradley

Published at Smashwords

You know that disorientating feeling of waking in someone else’s bed, not knowing where you are? Try that on a different planet. It took several minutes for my mind to understand what I was seeing when I awoke following a surprisingly good sleep considering the situation. I lifted my face from the damp ground and wiped it with my sleeve. It looked as though Leyla had already risen. As I recalled, her body had been shifting steadily closer to mine in the night. I didn’t think too much into this; we were the only humans on this planet as far as we knew so I was her only source of comfort, her only reminder of home.

I sat up and looked around. Leyla and the “others” were sat a few metres away talking in very serious tones. I thought about last night’s conversations. We had learned the true reason for us being here. Leyla and I were essentially part of a rebel alien army. I probably should have been concerned about the fact we had been lied to, but my instincts told me to trust them, as did Leyla’s by the look of things.

From what I understood of last night’s conversations, the Prooth as a race have always been like-minded, allowing things like their “questioning” to work. However, some Prooth have, over time, become less emotional and some feel increased emotions. Those Prooth who became more logically minded are known as the Losi. They seek a weapon which would end all life in the universe with the reasoning that in doing so, they end all suffering. The Prooth against this idea, those with us now, seek to stop the Losi from obtaining the weapon. Simple really. To be honest, though I understood everything I had been told so far, I would rather only know what I needed to. I allowed Leyla to soak up the details; she could be Earth’s ambassador. I would be happy to go down in the history of all this as “Jarl, the guy who was also there.” That’s not to say I wouldn’t try to help any way I could but I was definitely struggling to see what my strengths were against a race which holds the key to the universe’s destruction and a group of rebel aliens with very sharp teeth.

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