Frederik Bjerre Andersen

The Main Character


Texts - with illustrations by Simon Bang

Two language version. English translation by Sigrid Bjerre Andersen and Morten Høi Jensen

The Main Character – two-language version
© Frederik Bjerre Andersen 2010-2012.

Translated from Danish by Sigrid Bjerre Andersen
and Morten Høi Jensen

Illustrations: Simon Bang

Smashwords edition

e-layout: The author

Original Danish print-edition published by Jorinde & Joringel 2010 (ISBN 978-87-7322-121-1).

The printed edition (in Danish) can still be purchased on the website

The author would like to thank: Simon Bang, Sigrid Bjerre Andersen, Morten Høi Jensen, Jonathan Nielsen, Kurt Harrits, Jorinde, Joringel, Jørgen Leth, Marie, Valdemar, Severin, family, friends, colleagues and passers by for their cooperation, inspiration - and for mere being.

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