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She wanted to shriek, to beg him to keep on fucking her…but she couldn’t. Her mind was holding onto the fact that she didn’t want this, that she wasn’t a slut, she…

A smaller, gentler pressure worked its way up the length of her long legs. With effort, she opened her eyes - and saw another shaft slithering along her skin en route to her slit.

How many of those do you have?”

More than enough,” he replied with a wolfish grin.

Tina had never been nude in the woods before. Then again, there was supposed to be a cold front coming through. Go figure…cold fronts in Florida meant only 90 degrees.

Fortunately, she and her boyfriend Kyle were the only souls around for miles; she’d been the first to yank off her tank top and denim shorts. Even that had been too much, though, and her green bra and panties were tossed onto the pile of clothes near the tent.

Kyle had been quick to follow and, after a few moments of nervous glances around to make sure no one was looking, he was on her. Tina had expected it, of course – it was half the reason she’d gotten naked in the first place.

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