By Victoria Scarlett

All Contents Copyright 2012 Victoria Scarlett

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Archaeologist Dameon Taylor is in the middle of nowhere, searching for a supposed lost city in the mountains. After an exhausting period of fruitless work, he prepares to return home. But on his final night, nature gives him a sensual send-off that he’ll never forget.”


Dameon squinted in the bright sunlight, trying not to be blinded by the reflections off the water. Even his custom-made sunglasses offered little protection from the midday sun as he stumbled to the bank of the river. He sat on the muddy shore and took a water bottle out of his bag, chugging half of it down and gathering his thoughts.

A reputable professor at a rival university had claimed to have found an artifact here in the mountains in the middle of the United States, near where a supposed Native American city had been. There was no solid evidence that the city had ever existed until his claim and eventual showing-off of the small pottery fragment. Dameon believed it was a hoax; it was the kind of dirty trick his rival would pull, but his co-workers and boss had pressured him into leaving his comfortable teaching job and searching for more artifacts.

He had been in the middle of the mountains for two weeks and he was more than ready to return to civilization, even if he was empty-handed. The days were scorching hot and the nights so cold that he could see his breath. The constant changes in temperature had taken their toll on the archaeologist, and Dameon felt a cold coming on, so he wanted to return and be sick in the luxury of his own home.

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