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Magical Living

Essays for the New Age

by Bob Makransky

Volume II of the Introduction to Magic series

Published by Dear Brutus Press at Smashwords

Copyright © 2000, 2010, 2014 by Bob Makransky

Winner of the Sacramento Publishers’ Association awards for Best Nonfiction and Best Spiritual book of 2001, Magical Living is a collection of essays which give detailed, how-to instructions on channeling spirit guides, communicating with plants and nature spirits; developing your psychic vision; together with inspirational essays on managing love relationships, handling oppressive people, and dealing with hurt.

– “I love this little book! ... Carry this book with you, read and reread the essays, and connect with joy. ” – Kathryn Lanier, InnerChange magazine

– “He writes beautifully, clearly, elegantly … he is incapable of an unoriginal thought.” – Joseph Polansky, Diamond Fire magazine

“I could not get enough! I actually read some of the essays 2 to 3 times and discovered new insights each time. ... Magical Living by Bob Makransky is an easy to read little book with a lot of surprises. I am positive that it will enrich different people’s own spiritual journeys in unexpected ways and help readers to consider opening their minds and hearts and begin a relationship with what surrounds them in the present moment. A great book to revisit more than once!” – Susan Violante, Reader Views

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