What readers have said about "The Sand Trap"

" A combination of 'Tin Cup' and 'Hunger Games' for Boomers.. Mike (senior golfer)"

"Enjoyed it thoroughly – and I am not a golfer...found the golf competitions well-done and exciting for the reader. Now that we have Bubba Watson in the headlights...maverick golfers have become quite the thing. Timely. All the characters are likable, believable. I was impressed at the sex scenes – well done. Proof that I enjoyed it is that I went thru 2 printer cartridges to print and read it." Gerry (female, early sixties, book editor)

"I think the book is absolutely fabulous. Not being nice or polite but seriously. I laughed so hard when Melanie did Burt in on the course. I must complain that I woke in the middle of the night and was not able to get back to sleep. I was so pissed off at those guys. Even though I told myself it was fiction I still had trouble getting over it. You made it so real. I think both women and men will really love your book, particularly if they have rudimentary awareness of golf and a bit of a feeling about the west." Jerry (male, sixties, Retired Professional, single digit handicap golfer.)

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