Chapter 19: Faith and Optimism

Chapter 20: Physical Activity

Chapter 21: Artistic Expression

Chapter 22: Environmental Negativity

Chapter 23: Family Mealtimes

Chapter 24: Commercial Visual Media and Television

Chapter 25: Voice Tone and Speech

Chapter 26: Investing Time and Making Memories Together

Chapter 27: Ending Childhood - Reflections and Realization


Sharing the most experiences possible with the child and family is an adult life stage plan, and a personal choice. This is a Dad's personal commitment to embrace and fully experience the period in life when he is a Dad, not just a father. 4015 days reflects the birth to 11-year period when a child is most developmentally accepting of parent influence.

The awareness that this is a limited window of time for the parents and child is key in choosing this personal path of time allocation. To realize later in life that one could have spent more time with their child could be a sad personal reckoning that cannot be reversed. We often hear, "Time is money", "These are the best years", or "Nobody ever looks back in life and wishes they worked more and spent less time with their children".

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