The Gentleman


The Rake

Two classic romances reimagined


Katherine Woodbury

Copyright © 2012 by Katherine Woodbury. All rights reserved. First omnibus edition. Published in the United States of America by Peaks Island Press. Edited by Eugene Woodbury. Smashwords Edition.


The category romance does not enjoy a revered history in intellectual circles. As with much of popular culture, the academic world seems embarrassed even by its own pleasures.

And yet from time immemorial, the value of the romance novel has been revealed through the affection and admiration of its readers. Published in 1740, Pamela by Samuel Richardson proved so popular that the author had to battle the equivalent of fan fiction in order to retain the rights to his own work.

Although Jane Austen retained greater control over the work that made her a household name (and subsequently created an entire Hollywood industry), Pride & Prejudice has been “owned,” used, interpreted, and absorbed by generations of readers, writers, and critics.

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