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Do Me First, Daddy


Tara Nova

Smashwords Edition

© 2012 Tara Nova

* * *

It was all Mom's idea; I blame her.

Well, to be fair, I'm sure she never guessed that when she suggested we all go to the shore for the weekend, I'd end up fucking her new husband silly. Then again, neither did I.

But that’s exactly what happened.

The whole thing was intended to be a "family bonding" trip, I think. Mom was desperate for me to get to know Jeff, her new husband, a little better. This was husband number three - the first being my dad, who had walked out on us when I was little, and the second being that wretched prick Steve who treated us both like shit - so I wasn't exactly chomping at the bit to welcome my new "daddy" into the fold.

I sometimes got the idea he wasn't all that interested in getting to know me, either. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it, I suppose it could have been my imagination, but ever since he’d moved in with us he always seemed a little uncomfortable around me. Probably couldn't wait for me to take off for college in the fall so he could have Mom all to himself. I had to guess that he was looking forward to this little getaway about as much as I was.

I’d made a valiant effort to get out of it. But despite my incessant eye-rolling, foot-dragging, and flat-out pleading, Mom wouldn't be dissuaded and I was no match for the guilt I would have felt if I’d refused to go. It seemed I was in for a weekend of fun in the sun and good, old-fashioned family togetherness whether I wanted it or not. So, apparently, was Jeff.

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