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ISBN-10: 1479223131

"They say before you start a war, you better know what you're fighting for."

- The Cab


As always, my husband: Axel, you're amazing beyond words.

My boys: J & N, you keep my brain full of imaginative ideas. This job keeps Mom a little busy sometimes, but you guys are so good about it. I love you and couldn't imagine doing this without your daily inspiration of Cartoon Network commentary, Harry Potter and Phineas & Ferb jokes, and your hilarious accents of our Scottish Schnauzer dog, Scrappy. He is totally Scottish, don't EVER let anyone tell you that he's not!

My Hellcats and the most awesome group of authorly girls ever: M. Leighton, Amy Bartol, Georgia Cates, Quinn Loftis, Samantha Young, Rachel Higginson & Angeline Kace. You've made my life author enormously easier. Thanks for listening and all of your support!

My gals and bloggers: Jennifer N, Gloria G & Amanda C (Globug & Hootie), Mandy A (IReadIndie), Heather R (Supagurl), Donna (Passion), Jackie (Sated Faery), Books Books Books, ReadersLive1000Lives, Haley (Ya-aholics), Ellen (Always At The Heart), Mary (Booknerdsacrossamerica) and all the bloggers that I didn't mention, you guys rock my face off and I still credit you with lots of author success. It's totally true.

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