The Fate Of A Marlowe Girl

By Beth Fred

Edited by Kelly Hashway

Cover Art by Eden Crane

Copyright 2012 by Beth Fred

Published by Smashwords

For my husband who has supported my art from the first horrible draft of my first manuscript two and a half years ago.

Chapter 1

I sat at the desk in my hotel room, focusing on the numbers on my screen. I'd already calculated what the balance of my client's account should have been, and that wasn’t what my spreadsheet showed. The discrepancy could have been as simple as a mathematical error. That, I could fix here and now. But it could mean that the account was really off, and to know that, I'd have to have receipts and ledgers, which I didn't. But a mathematical error was entirely possible. The party in the living room of the suite I shared with my sister was so loud I couldn't think.

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