Caught By The Billionaire

By Keather Anthony

Copyright 2012. All rights reserved.

Published on Smashwords.

Today, I went to work at Locke Records in Hollywood, it was a new job and I enjoyed it extensively. The hiring manager was a friend of mine that got me a position based on my looks and my personal background in music. It is a great company and I have met a majority of the employees and executives, who were all very kind to me. However I never met the CEO of the company, and even some of the higher ups have never met him despite their seniority. It never bothered me; it was only a curiosity to see what kind of man I was working under. But one day, after 6 months of working at the record label I receive a letter from the CEO himself, Dan Locke, that I would be promoted as his secretary. I was ecstatic, I did not know how to respond, my position started immediately and I moved all my items from the office space that I had to the top level.

As I went up the elevator, I was in awe as I could see the city shrinking before my eyes through the elevator window, it was a fascinating view. I finally arrived at the 30th floor and was greeted by a butler named Michael Gray and he guided me through a luminous hallway to the CEO’s office, it had an empty void that was filled by orchestrated music. It was only a quick walk until we reached the end with 2 tinted glass doors and a receptionist desk on the side; I obviously knew where my place was. Gray then opened the glass door via a coded lock; I would assume that he is taking me to meet the CEO.

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