Chapter 7 - Reckoning

Chapter 8 - Destiny

Chapter 9 - Rubicon

Chapter 10 - Equilibrium

Chapter 11 - Fischer

Dedicated to my daughter Annabelle

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Chapter 1 - Panic

A young woman is walking purposefully through a tunnel carved out of rock. She's holding a flash-light, wearing a tight fitting mining suit with padding here and there, with a bulge at the back for her life support system. A couple of pipes lead from the suit to a clear mask shaped to her face, covering it entirely. The Smart Mask is listening to her breathing, giving a readout appearing in front of her eyes, of gas levels outside and inside her lungs. It's also a radio and video communicator, so she can talk, see what her mates are doing, check her emails, watch sport, read news, send messages using her eye movements and thoughts.

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